CCSS endorses 15 new EBAIS (Basic Equipment for Comprehensive Health Care)

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The Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) approved this Thursday the creation of 15 Basic Teams for Comprehensive Health Care and 42 positions of professionals from various disciplines to strengthen the first level of care throughout the country, informed the doctor Mario Ruíz Cubillo, medical manager.

As explained by the medical manager, this is a first step in the framework of an institutional strategy to continue with the reinforcement of the primary care model for which the CCSS has opted for 30 years.

The 15 Basic Teams for Comprehensive Health Care (Ebáis) were assigned to operate second shifts in the areas of: Aserrí, Coronado, Tibás-Uruca-Merced, Alajuelita, Cartago, Bagaces and Liberia. Only in Carthage, one of the teams will reinforce the first turn.

The hierarch emphasized that the CCSS strategy has considered the manifest needs of the population to extend hours, in this case, it will be possible to have evening services, something on which the institution has already been working.

Ruiz explained that along the same lines, there is a strategy to reinforce the provision of the first level of care that it seeks: a better response to the covid-19 problem, the identification of families at risk for follow-up of home care to avoid displacement , control of chronic patients in the first level of care, increase in national coverage and greater access to services with extended hours.

Similarly, the Board of Directors approved 42 new positions that will be distributed in various health areas throughout the country: 12 psychologists, 2 social workers, 12 nutritionists, 1 dentist and 15 dental assistants. “It is another effort to increase in quantity the availability of professionals in the communities and improve comprehensive care in promotion and prevention,” said the manager.

For the implementation of the agreement, the Directorate of Administration and Personnel Management must carry out the study of human resource needs to provide these new ebáis and once it is obtained, it will proceed with the budget reinforcement. The CCSS has a budget for 2020, said the medical manager.

Ruíz stressed that strengthening the first level of care has always been on the CCSS’s agenda, year after year revisions and adjustments are made. “Faced with health needs and demographic growth, the CCSS is adjusting the care model and we are clear that one of the challenges is to strengthen the number of ebais,” said the manager.

As explained by the manager, health promotion and prevention actions are important to promote healthy practices and preventive measures in the population, especially in the face of the threat of the covid-19 disease.

The CCSS has an Action Plan for the conformation of Ebáis and reinforcement of the Areas with a methodology approved in 2016 and which has now been revamped with criteria for prioritizing supply and demand to gradually plan and generate the amount of Ebáis required. One of the new criteria is that of evening hours.

“The first level is essential, it allows the health services to be closer to the users, where they live, the Ebáis teams are the arm that reaches the houses and the face of the CCSS in the communities.”

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