CCSS, Correos de Costa Rica and Budget Car Rental join forces to deliver medications at home

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Dr. Román Macaya Hayes explained that this option joins those that the CCSS has been implementing to prevent patients from having to travel to health centers and thus protect the most vulnerable populations at times when the country faces the emergency due to COVID-19.

The service will be provided at no cost at 47 CCSS health centers in different regions of the country for two weeks initially.

As part of the agreement, Budget Rent a Car will provide each vehicle with its respective driver and will assume the cost of the fuel required for distribution.

Correos de Costa Rica will coordinate the logistics of the delivery and will use the regional distribution centers to classify the packages with medications and assign them a tracking code, with which the patient can track the shipment on the website www.correos.go. cr

“The next few days will be crucial for the care of the most vulnerable and at risk people. For this reason, Budget Car Rental, committed to Costa Rica, decides to contribute its grain of sand by providing more than 40 units of our fleet with drivers, as a support muscle for Correos de Costa Rica and the CCSS, “said Paulo Vargas, Manager General of Budget Car Rental Costa Rica.

He added that with this initiative more than 5,000 older adults will be able to have their medications without leaving home to avoid exposure and put their health at risk. “Our collaborators committed to the cause have joined this important project offering their time as drivers in order to fulfill the mission and delivery throughout the country,” he said.

40 Budget Car Rental units will help the CCSS and Correos de Costa Rica to deliver medications during the national emergency.

José Alexis Jiménez, President of the Board of Directors of Correos, highlighted the valuable contribution of private companies to public health. “We motivate the rest of the private sector companies to join this type of initiative, where they can offer their services to state institutions to ensure that the aid we are taking to the segments with the greatest need is more timely and expedited”, express.

For his part, Correos general manager, Jorge Solano, commented: “We assume our responsibility as a State Company by building logistics solutions that facilitate the prevention of the spread of the virus in vulnerable populations in the country. This is also our way of thanking the people of Costa Rica for the trust they have placed in us over the years. ”

Dr. Esteban Vega de la O, coordinator of Pharmaceutical Services of the CCSS, explained that the strategy is being implemented for those patients who activate through the call center 905-MI SALUD (905-6472583) option 4, the preparation of the Chronic treatments in the health areas and hospitals where the electronic prescription is implemented, in which users are provided with a proof of dates and whose withdrawal is the period between March 23 and April 10, 2020.

Vega de la O said that with this new alliance and the existing ones, a total of 63 establishments with the option of home delivery are reached.

The 47 health centers

The new health centers where the home service will be offered are:


  • Hospital México
  • Hospital Dr. R. A. Calderón Guardia
  • Hospital San Juan de Dios


  • Hospital San Vicente de Paul
  • Hospital Carlos Luis Valverde Vega de San Ramón
  • Área de Salud de San Rafael de Heredia
  • Área de Salud de Naranjo
  • Área de Salud de San Pablo
  • Área de Salud de Barva
  • Área de Salud Alajuela Oeste
  • Área de Salud de Poás
  • Área de Salud de Atenas
  • Área de Salud de Grecia
  • Área de Salud de Sarchí
  • Área de Salud de San Ramón


  • CAIS de Cañas
  • Área de Salud de Santa Cruz
  • Hospital Dr. Enrique Baltodano (Liberia)


  • Hospital Monseñor Sanabria
  • Hospital Max Terán de Quepos
  • Área de Salud San Rafael de Puntarenas
  • Área de Salud de Orotina
  • Área de Salud de Parrita
  • Área de Salud Garabito
  • Área de Salud Barranca
  • Área de salud Chacarita
  • Área de Salud Esparza


  • Hospital Los Chiles
  • Área de Salud Ciudad Quesada
  • Área de Salud Agua Zarcas
  • Área de Salud Fortuna
  • Área de Salud Pital


  • Hospital Escalante Pradilla de Pérez Zeledón


  • Hospital Tony Facio
  • Hospital de Guápiles


  • Área de Salud Goicoechea 1
  • Área de Salud Paraíso de Cartago
  • Área de Salud El Guarco
  • Área de Salud Mora Palmichal
  • Área de Salud Turrialba Jiménez
  • Área de Salud Desamparados 3
  • Área de Salud Goicoechea 2 (Jiménez Núñez)
  • Área de Salud Aserrí
  • Área de Salud Moravia
  • Área de Salud Escazú
  • Área de Salud de Alajuelita
  • Hospital William Allen (Turrialba).

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