CCSS calls to play the second half against the pandemic

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Dr. Marco Vinicio Boza Hernández calls on the population to maintain the protection shield and raise care practices starting next Monday, one month after the Caja began treating COVID-19 patients and a point in the chronology of the disease that is considered vital to try to avoid the explosion of massive cases.

For the doctor, the date is very important because after a month of pandemic, according to the experience of other countries, it is when the population relaxes and can believe that the impact of the disease is small; However, this oversight rather causes the opposite effect: the cases skyrocket days after that first month because people leave the house and forget the protection measures.

To avoid an explosion of cases after the first month, as happened to Italy and Spain, among other countries, the doctor points out that Easter is a key moment to take a breath of protection to regain enthusiasm for protection and refocus on measures for hand washing, sanitary distance, deep cleaning of surfaces and keeping in the house.

For this reason, the doctor uses the soccer metaphor and calls “playing the second half against the pandemic”, as a way of saying, we have done well and instead of relaxing, we will retake motivation to raise the protection level even more. high than we have done so far.

“I know we are tired and I understand that there is uneasiness, but this is the decisive moment” says the doctor, “now is when taking care of each other is more valuable, if we manage to find a way to stay healthy in the next few days we are going to have the effect that it is our goal that is to prevent many from becoming ill in a short time and so, even if the cases grow, we can attend to all of them with opportunity.

To strengthen this idea of Dr. Boza, outstanding figures of national soccer have joined the message and have recorded messages of encouragement to the fans to encourage them to take care of their loved ones and their families, with the social benefit that, by taking care of each other, is taking care of the community.

Similarly, Dr. Boza makes a strong call to adolescents and young adults to join the country’s commitment to face the pandemic. In the doctor’s words, we need young people to take part, as they have never been asked to do, in a national health campaign, because they may have less risk, but they are very valuable in avoiding contagion.

The doctor Boza commented that this Thursday the 2nd one million patients were reached in the world and the first patient in the shield hospital in Costa Rica, therefore, the pandemic enters that new phase that calls us to renew the commitment and know that the Each person’s greatest contribution is yet to come.

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