CCSS calls on families to have a protection plan against Covid

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The health services of the Red Huetar Norte de la Caja Costarricense de Seguro (CCSS) deploy an intense comprehensive prevention strategy, where they articulate the protection efforts of companies, institutions, organized community groups and households against the pandemic virus.

The follow-up of the cases registered so far allowed them to notice that families know how to protect themselves from the virus on the street, but they do not know or have less clarity about what measures to apply inside the house, especially when one of their members is sick or suspected of covid-19.

Then the health teams began to promote the “family protection plan”, a guide of measures with the purpose of seeking the protection of the most vulnerable members of the family, such as the elderly with chronic diseases, cancer, heart disease or respiratory diseases.

For the network director Dr. Gustavo Zeledón Donzo the bases of the plan are two: 1) anticipation, the plan must be designed when everyone is healthy. 2) the actions envisaged for the separation of people at higher risk from those who are ill, a measure carried out according to the possibilities of each family and, if necessary, with the support of the community.

Regarding anticipation, the doctor emphasizes that there is greater success when the plan is prepared in advance, since there is more clarity in the actions and a better immediate reaction, when time is vital to avoid contagion.

• To exemplify a case of success, Dr. Zeledón tells the story of a family made up of an elderly mother and a young adult son. Mom was staying home because of debilitating chronic illnesses. When the son became ill, they activated the plan: they planned to move the mother to live with a sister while the son passed the quarantine alone, being assisted by quick visits for the provision of basic necessities.

Following the idea of ​​organizing family life based on the protection of the weakest, the doctor calls for extreme measures at home to keep people at risk of complications healthy when a covid-19 outbreak occurs in the community.

Dr. Zeledón points out that the effort includes the search for options to support the family in the community, such as exploring with the municipalities or organized communal groups possibilities of stay for people unable to resolve themselves, in such a way that the solidarity of Neighbors offer protection options to the vulnerable.

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