CCSS calls for care and prevention to avoid saturation of health systems.

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The Executive President of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), Román Macaya Hayes, asked Costa Ricans not to loosen in protection measures against COVID-19 and to live a safe Christmas.

This announcement was made after announcing, in a press conference this Tuesday, that the people who are being hospitalized suffer up to eight different diseases and that this aggravates the situation in health centers.

“What we are seeing in hospitals is serious, this Tuesday, December 1, we have 555 people hospitalized with covid-19, of these 335 are in classrooms and 220 in Intensive Care (ICU), and although the institution has 314 enabled beds in intensive care, not all of them are for critical cases and this means that we are only eight patients away from reaching the current critical bed capacity and an additional 8 in a possible maximum expansion ”, explained Dr. Macaya.

The beds of the ICU services are divided into Critical Beds, which are those that have technical support and specialized human talent such as intensivists, respiratory therapists, qualified nurses and other specialized profiles to face any disease, and Severe Beds that are the ones that They do not have all those resources of equipment and professional support for care of very seriously ill patients.

“We are alarmed that the patients who are arriving at the hospitals are more complicated users, with more highly complex chronic diseases, and this becomes real threats. In terms of critical beds there are 99 occupied, and there are 121 people in severe beds, but that if eight additional critics are complicated or arrive, the current capacity will be reached ”said Dr. Macaya.

The hierarch insists on the strengthening of the “Safe Family” and the extreme protection of people with risk factors such as diabetics, hypertensive, asthmatic, obese and heart disease.

“This December is very different from December of the past years. A year ago we did not have the threat of the pandemic on our radar, but today SARS-CoV-2 is among us and we must take care of each other. We must not lower our guard when it comes to hand washing, the use of a mask, the distance of two meters and the proper way to cough or sneeze.

The CCSS continues to fight to obtain personal protective equipment, vaccines and to have the physical spaces and resources to attend to Costa Ricans who require the services of the institution, but this is a shared responsibility and that is why the Fund insists on not participating of mass events, do not organize activities such as birthdays, baby showers or family gatherings that put risk groups at risk.

“We have to think about which patients should not get sick from covid-19. We mention them, but it is up to each family to take care of them, protect them and take extreme measures with them and them ”, concluded Román Macaya Hayes.

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