CCSS announces the body identification process when a patient dies of COVID-19

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The effort of the health services and the Costa Rican society seeks to give possible sick people a chance of life with a timely intervention; however, since a group of patients with COVID-19 become critical for the underlying conditions they suffer and may die from these complications, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund announces the new procedure for the identification and disposition of bodies.

The Institution defending life and respectful of death, which fights for life and understands death, which has always been on the side of families so that they have a farewell with all the required humanity, warns that only one of the relatives may see the deceased person and then the body must be protected with two covers, one transparent and one dark, as confirmed by Dr. Marco Vinicio Boza Hernández, scientific medical officer of the Operations Coordination Center of the health emergency, based on the protocols developed by the institutional pathologists committee. c

The specialist noted that the decision has been made that only a family member will be able to see the body of the deceased to recognize him and say goodbye because the scientific community still lacks conclusive studies to determine the real risk of the level of contagion of lifeless bodies, nor You know for sure how active the virus can be in them.

The procedure described from the point of view of the relatives will be as follows: the person designated by the family will be presented with the body in a transparent colored bag so that they can identify it through it, but they will not be able to touch it, kiss it or hug him.

The family member will have a space of no more than fifteen minutes to remain with the body in case they want to do a personal farewell or religious expression such as a prayer.

The Institution understands that the moment must be filled with love and gratitude for the blessings received while living with our loved ones, while each person, according to their beliefs, can live the moment to experience the loss in a serene and enriching way. from the understanding of our humanity, Dr. Boza affirms.

The doctor tells us that “we must prepare ourselves emotionally” because the health minister Daniel Salas has told us that we must be ready to face the deaths “and the Institution and families must understand that message, understand that risk, and know that it is possible that there is an outcome of this type in a small number of patients with respect to the total number of possible infections ”.

After being presented to the family member, the body will be protected in another dark colored cover and will be ready for the funeral. The medical pathology manager or morgue staff at the health centers will give the pertinent instructions to the funeral homes and relatives to whom the body is delivered.

At the time of delivery of the body, the packaging covers cannot be opened for any reason. The instruction will be to keep the coffin closed and that the burial is processed in less than 24 hours from the time of death.

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