CCSS advances pension payment for April

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La Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) adelantará, este mes de abril, el pago de las pensiones de los regímenes No Contributivo y de IVM informó el gerente general de la institución, doctor Roberto Cervantes Barrantes. Explicó que la medida busca que los pensionados puedan organizar con más tiempo, junto con sus seres queridos o personas de confianza, el retiro y uso de los recursos, al darse el depósito en una fecha previa al pago regular de salarios en el sector público y privado.

“With this decision we want pensioners to avoid crowds and follow the health recommendations that are in force,” said Cervantes.

For his part, the lawyer Jaime Barrantes Espinoza, manager of Pensions of the CCSS, explained that an additional action is added to the advance of the payment, which is to separate the payment dates of the Non-Contributory Regime from those of the IVM insurance. In this way, the payment will be made next Friday, April 24, for all the pensions of the NON-TAX REGIME. That day they will be deposited and available to all pensioners of that regime.

The manager said that priority is given to this group because the vast majority are older adults who are in situations of poverty and vulnerability. As of April 28, it will be the turn of the pensioners of the IVM insurance, as confirmed by the lawyer Ubaldo Carrillo Cubillo, director of Pensions of the CCSS.

“These dates will allow pensioners of the Non-Contributory Regime to take advantage of the payment alternatives of the financial system from April 24 to 27 and minimize the risks to their health,” said Carrillo.

IVM insurance currently has 285,000 pensioners. which represents a monthly outlay of 78,000 million colones, while the Non-Contributory Regime has 127,000 pensioners, which in total means 11,500 million colones per month.

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