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“Quijongo”: rescue and conservation of the typical Guanacaste instrument

Have you ever heard a play performed by a quijongo (ttraditional instrument from Guanacaste)? Do you know what that musical instrument is like and what pieces shape it? Do you have any idea of ​​the origin of this particular instrument? If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions, we inform you that […]

La Fería del Maíz discover the tastes of Matambu

To rescue the traditions of Guanascaste and revive the gastronomic patrimony of the areas. Is the main goal of La Fería del Maíz [The Corn Fair] that will take part this saturday 13th of July from 10am to 7:00pm. In the Matambú community saloon. Inside the indigenous territory of Matambú. In Hojancha, Guanacaste. During the […]

The Beetles of May

Every place has seasonal animals. And while Costa Rica received animal visitors pretty much all year long. Escaping from the winter and migrating North to South and vice versa. There is one little fellow that takes the crown. For appearing every year during the same month. This beetles that belong to the Coleopter order. Actually […]

December is a party hard month!

The month of December has a special place in every tico’s hearth. And there are several reason for this. And now we will proceed to explain some of those for you to also be able to enjoy the month.   The best weather. With the arrival of December also the summer arrives. Our exuberant nature […]

The legends of Costa Rica Halloween 2018

And unease the lives of the people around. Been responsible for everything from just mischievous deeds. Up to evils even related to the kidnapping of small children, dead, or illness.

Anyway today we are preferring to focus on the more folkloric stories. Those who confection belong and where develop mainly to the during the first hundred years of independent life in Costa Rica. Let this be useful for you as information of the history, traditions and folklore of our people. And maybe it might also teach you where to look and what to do and not do. To avoid an spooky encounter.

October brings destinations to Paradise Products Costa Rica

We are delighted to announce that finally we made it!!. From now and on you can book travels and destinations inside out beautiful country. Not long after beginning this amazing journey. A question jumped to our mind. What about the destinations? We’ve got the products. We sale and ship the best of what is made […]

Cartago 2018 La fiesta de la Negrita de los Ángeles.

Costa Rica is a place full of traditions. Inherit by the Spanish traditions every town has it’s saint patron. Every Saint has its day and every year that day there is a massive celebrations. Commonly known as “Turnos” the days before the Saint day are known for been infuse with party spirit. A time where […]

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