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October brings destinations to Paradise Products Costa Rica

We are delighted to announce that finally we made it!!. From now and on you can book travels and destinations inside out beautiful country. Not long after beginning this amazing journey. A question jumped to our mind. What about the destinations? We’ve got the products. We sale and ship the best of what is made […]

Cartago 2018 La fiesta de la Negrita de los Ángeles.

Costa Rica is a place full of traditions. Inherit by the Spanish traditions every town has it’s saint patron. Every Saint has its day and every year that day there is a massive celebrations. Commonly known as “Turnos” the days before the Saint day are known for been infuse with party spirit. A time where […]

The History of Cartago

As part of our compromise to expand the knowledge of the history of Costa Rica. we are starting a series of entries on our provinces. Costa Rica has seven provinces. Each and every one fill with traditions, stories, history and people. Not to mention amazing places and natural beauties to visit. We decided to start […]