Cartago 2018 La fiesta de la Negrita de los Ángeles.

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Costa Rica is a place full of traditions. Inherit by the Spanish traditions every town has it’s saint patron. Every Saint has its day and every year that day there is a massive celebrations.

Commonly known as “Turnos” the days before the Saint day are known for been infuse with party spirit. A time where the neighbours come out of their houses to party, share and enjoy. In the old days the Turnos included what are now called traditional games. Many inherit from the Spaniards, plus heroic amounts of food, drinks and dance. Plus of course the mandatory religious celebrations.

Cartago and the mother of all Turnos

And then there was Cartago. Our first Capital city. Cartago is home to our Saint Patron. La Virgen de los Ángeles. An avocation of the Virgin Mary mother of Jesus that appear to an indigenous woman named Juana Pereira. To read more about this Click HERE

Since its appearance the small stone image has become an object of devotion and faith. Every year on the dates near to the celebration of her day. Near 2 million people travel by food to visit the Virgin Mary. Asking for favours or as a way to express their commitment or appreciation for favour received by their intersection.

Every year on set dates we go to Cartago. And take a complete photo tour of the activities and celebrations. Here is a link to this year gallery.

We want to express our deep gratefulness to Graciela. Manager of press in la Basilica de los Ángeles. And to it’s priests that allow us press access to document and bring unique photos to you.


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