Carlos Alvarado withdraws the disastrous proposal with the IMF

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President Carlos Alvarado addressed the country this Sunday amid widespread discontent over the disastrous and unbalanced proposal to obtain financing of 1.7 billion dollars from the IMF.

Addressing especially to the protesters who maintain blockades that have cost millions and have generated confrontations with the police, Alvarado says he has listened to the demands of the people and therefore will not go ahead with the proposal made to the IMF.

However, it is not clear what will be the fate of the talks with the IMF as it says “Time is not unlimited and that a proposal must be presented to avoid a situation like that of 40 years ago.”

He calls for the blockades to be lifted and to stop affecting the country’s economic situation.

Clashes with the police have generated at least 16 officers injured and millionaire losses are reported in the already devastated tourism sector.

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