[:en]We are glad to announce another member to the family of Paradise Products Costa Rica. Carebarros is an artistic reinterpretation of the traditional ceramic doll. Carebarros are based on fauna from Costa Rica. The dolls faces are made with ceramic. Their bodies out fabric keeping them soft and extremely huggable.

What is a Carebarro?

Carebarro is a Costarican idiomatic expression to describe someone sassy, idle or just not very concern about his actions and the repercussions of them. It is also a pun of the complete form of the expression “Cara de Barro”.”Cara” means “face.” “De” is a conjunction using as “of” of “made of” and “Barro” means “mud.”  

Out the constant use And the subsequent idiomatic transformations the expression “Cara de Barro” fuse the three words. By phonetic transformation “Cara” last “a” was replace by the “e” of “de” and “barro” just stay as it is. 🙂

The Artist.

Carebarros are made by professional plastic artist Raquel Rodriguez. Raquel has a bachelor’s degree in Plastic arts with a specialization in Ceramic modeling form the Universidad de Costa Rica. Raquel decided to create a toy doll that she would love to have as a kid. The result was a stylish unique doll/teddy bear loved by both kids and adults.

About the Carebarros.

The product is a unique reinterpretation. Carebarros are Squishy, huggable, and friendly. The process to design a Carebarro starts in with the drawing of the concept. Once the draw feels to come alive Raquel starts to modeling the Ceramic by hand, after that the ceramic is cooked and painted. When the Carebarro has a face it is time for the body. The patterns are chose based on the face. Choosing the fabric that better fits the personality of the face. Making every Carebarro unique.

Carebarro’s goals is to appreciate that rare beauty that breaks the regular parameters. To give you something to hug and squeeze. And to expose a little of the fauna of Costa Rica.

We are keeping a register of the homes of the Carebarros that leave so if you like please tag us at #carebarros or at @carebarros.cr


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