Cantonal Alerts update for the current week

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The number of positive cases for COVID-19 increased the alert level in four cantons of the country: Pérez Zeledón, Pococí, Hojancha and Santa Cruz. This was defined by the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention after assessing the epidemiological evolution in the previous weeks.

The increase in alert coincides with the occupation of the health system in regional hospitals, such as the Escalante Pradilla (Pérez Zeledón) and Enrique Baltodano (Liberia) hospitals, which have presented occupancy of patients with COVID-19 higher than 90% in the last weeks, which has implied the development of logistics for mega transfers for at least 11 patients in Pérez Zeledón and 12 in Liberia, to national hospitals in San José.

In addition, the Escalante Pradilla Hospital has found it necessary to rely on the network of hospitals of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), due to an outbreak among officials of the institution.

Pérez Zeledón has increased its cases steadily during the last 6 weeks, reaching its highest number of new positives the previous week, reaching 247 cases. In fact, of the 37 deaths related to COVID-19 during the entire pandemic in the canton, 22 deaths have occurred during December.

Santa Cruz and Hojancha also increase their alert level for the next two weeks. The case of Santa Cruz stands out, going from 98 to 182 new cases per week in the last fortnight.

In Pococí’s case, the week after the previous one, it reached its highest peak during the pandemic, registering 254 new cases with COVID-19, which generated it back on an orange alert.

In total, 14 cantons maintain an orange alert and the other 68 remain on a yellow alert.

PROVINCIA                                  CANTONES EN ALERTA NARANJA
San JoséAlajuelita y Pérez Zeledón
CartagoNo reporta cantones en naranja
HerediaNo reporta cantones en naranja
PuntarenasEsparza, Garabito, y los distritos de Puntarenas centro, Barranca, Chacarita y El Roble en el cantón de Puntarenas.
GuanacasteCarrillo, Hojancha, Liberia, Nicoya y Santa Cruz
LimónLimón, Pococí y Siquirres.


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