Calderón Guardia Museum, opening hours and exhibitions at the end and beginning of the year.

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Located in Barrio Escalante, the Calderón Guardia Museum this year will maintain a schedule from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. at 5 p.m. It closes only on December 25, 2020 and January 1, 2021.

Within the offer that it will have for this end of the year, the Calderón Guardia Museum presents “Confluencias Simbólicas”, by the artist Margarita Valero.

Valero, a Mexican plastic artist based in Costa Rica, bases his artistic proposal on the interpretation of some of the pre-Columbian symbols engraved in stone from the Guayabo National Monument. Her work integrates a diversity of materials and plastic disciplines, ranging from cloth to ceramics, engraving, “ecoprinting” and painting, to incorporate the symbolism of the pilgrimage into her work.

The exhibition brings together more than 90 works that the artist produced around the relationship of pre-Columbian ancestral memory and the updating of symbols in contemporary art. Using techniques such as engraving, ceramics, textiles and painting, the artist intermixed the representations of some of the petroglyphs found in Guayabo, the footprint of the plant world and the symbol of the praying woman, which leaves her own silhouette marked by the pilgrimage in these lands, honoring the ancestors and the land itself. This visual proposal will continue in the room until January 9, 2021.

Additionally, you can visit the historical rooms, which take a tour of the Social Reforms that were established by the former president of the Republic, Calderón Guardia, in his administration 1940-1944. It is recommended to book the visit at: and attend the social bubble.


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