Calderón Guardia Hospital enables area to care for patients with respiratory symptoms

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As part of the preventive protocols that the Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia hospital is implementing, as of this Monday, they enabled two spaces for exclusive use for the care of patients with respiratory symptoms.

According to the deputy director and coordinator of the Hospital’s Emergency Operations Center (COE), Dr. Pedro Pereiras Álvarez, these armored spaces are completely autonomous, have electric support, sinks and their own light. The structures were placed in an internal area of the hospital where there will be trained medical and nursing personnel for the classification, assessment and care of patients.

“The two spaces total 46 square feet, have all the necessary equipment and supplies and allow creating a different area for the care of patients with respiratory symptoms who present to the emergency service,” said Pereiras Álvarez.

For his part, the General Director of the hospital, Doctor Taciano Lemos Pires, indicated that it is preventive and will avoid mixing patients who visit the Emergency Service with patients who present any type of respiratory symptom and in the case of any case of patients with COVID-19.

Lemos Pires took the opportunity to call on the population to rationally use the emergency services and apply their protection shield against the new coronavirus by constantly washing their hands, as well as the protocol for sneezing and coughing, cleaning the Everyday objects like computers, knobs, keyboards, cell phones. “All this is essential to avoid the transmission of any type of virus and very important and avoid greeting with contact with hugs, shaking hands or with kisses,” said the doctor.

He added that “the medical center is taking all the necessary measures for prompt, adequate care and according to the protocols established at the national and institutional level, the insured can be sure that the provisions we are taking are in order to provide the best care for those who need it, “said Dr. Lemos.

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