[:en]Café Pampa is with us![:]

[:en]We are absolutely trill to announce another great product entering our family, Café Pampa.

Our coffees have to be very special and so if we wanted to open another space for a coffee it has to be outstandingly good. And that is precisely the case for Café Pampa. First it comes from Guanacaste. The thing here, is Guanacaste’s geography. Which is very different from what you can see and expect on the rest of the country. Besides its outstanding beaches Guanacaste is known for its savanna and plains known in Guanacaste as “La Pampa”. Pampa is a quechua word that means “a plain with scarce vegetation.” The Pampa was conquer by the figure of the Sabanero who rode at horse backs. A figure similar to the Gaucho in Argentina or the Cowboy in the North America. Chasing and shepherding the cows.

Pampa Guanacasteca


But now back to the coffee. The thing with this kind of geography is not ideal for the coffee which is known as a crop better fit to highlands (the Arabic variation this is). And template climates. This precisely why Guanacaste is instead well recognize for its pineapple and papaya crops. But here its where norm finds an exception. In Cerro Azul, in Nandayure. If you are a regular reader of this blog or you had purchase the “Belleza Silvestre” jewelry chances are this place –Cerro Azul-. Might rang a bell. This coffee comes from the exact same place where Belleza Silvestre’s Jewelry is made.

Café Pampa

As you may recall and if not click here. Belleza Silvestre’s jewelry is made by five women and housewives in Barrio Los Angeles. This is a rural community that owns its existence to the coffee cooperative Coopecerroazul. A cooperative that started 50 plus years ago with the goal of developing the zone with a organize boost to the coffee farmers.

Cerro Azul Guanacaste

With each bag of coffee you buy 20 colones go directly to the school of Barrio los Ángeles where they are very aprecciated and use to improve the education of the kids in the area. Our coffees have social responsability. Our provideres pay a price higher than the norm to the collectors, and not only that. Our coffees are premium quality beverages rare to find even inside Costa Rica. So please enjoy your cup of coffee. Buy café Pampa here.





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