Brotherhood of Nicoya Receives Intangible Cultural Heritage Award

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“Being a complex organizational structure, which brings together various social actors, age groups and gives importance to the role of women in different levels of the demonstration”, in addition to the trajectory of centuries to choose the Brotherhood, the jury considered that the Nicoyane organization The Brotherhood Our Lady of Guadalupe Guadalupe, from Nicoya, was deserving of the Emilia Prieto Tugores 2019 Intangible Cultural Heritage Award.

This organization is made up of more than 50 people working in different roles and which has been renewed for 475 years to give life to a holiday full of symbolisms and popular religious syncretism.

The Emilia Prieto Tugores Intangible Cultural Heritage Prize was given by the MCJ Cultural Heritage Center, together with the Magón National Culture Prize, the two most important cultural awards. Both awards were equated by law, because they recognize the cultural contributions of an organization over an extended period of time or in the trajectory of life.

Jury Considerations

The following are other considerations that the jury took into account in choosing the Brotherhood for this award:

It was considered that “all communal participants are carriers of the tradition and with their actions they promote the transmission, safeguarding, revitalization and promotion of it; making each new generation know and appropriate this manifestation of Costa Rican cultural heritage. ” It should be noted that this manifestation has the declaration of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2014, through Executive Decree No. 38290-C.

Un suculento paseo por la tradición culinaria de la ...

Another relevant criteria that weighed on the jury is that “it comprises in itself, the five areas of intangible heritage”, such as: oral traditions linked to ancestral stories and myths, specific words related to the holiday, music and related traditional dances; elements of popular religiosity that show a syncretism between the indigenous, the Catholic faith and traditional cuisine with particular foods and drinks for the celebration; Among other valuable aspects.

Finally, “because despite the cultural changes the demonstration has been maintained, reinforced and stimulated from community empowerment on what the festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe represents as a living example of the religiosity and tradition of a people.”

What is a brotherhood?

The brotherhoods, are organizations with religious purposes inherited from the Colony, however, only in Costa Rica subsists strongly and revitalized each year, that of Nicoya around the invocation to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

“We are all very happy, both the brothers, who are the people who serve in the Brotherhood, as the stewardship and the previous stewards. Actually, the whole community is happy because it is a prize that we expected in God and in the virgin that was given at some point, ”said Ruth Mery Barrantes, current steward of the organization.


“For us this recognition is very important, because it is the oldest parish and through tradition, it is the culture that has been made known to the new generations. In addition, because we have the project to enlarge the house of the Virgin, which is actually the building of the Brotherhood, and the prize money will help us a lot to expand it because it makes us small and fix many things, ”he added. The Prize has an economic endowment equivalent to 15 base salaries of a 1 A Civil Service professional, approximately ¢ 8 million colones.

The jury is made up of a representative from the University of Costa Rica, one from the cultural associations and one from the Cultural Heritage Research and Conservation Center of the Ministry of Culture and Youth. In total they assessed nine applications.

Official ceremony The Emilia Prieto Tugores Intangible Cultural Heritage Award, as well as the other National Culture Awards 2019, will be held on Monday, May 25, at 7 p.m., at the National Theater of Costa Rica.

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