British universities and medical laboratories attacked by Chinese, Russian and Iranian hackers. According to British intelligence.

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In the United Kingdom, the National Cyber ​​Security Center accuses Chinese, Russian and Iranian hackers of repeated attempts to force protections from British universities and other medical centers and laboratories in order to steal information regarding the Covid-19 Coronavirus. British intelligence calls the acts “despicable.”

And while he says that so far hackers’ attempts have been unsuccessful, the attacks are expected to continue. Iran, China and Russia are famous for their cyber attack campaigns and more recently for their media manipulation and disinformation campaigns, with which they seek to generate confusion among populations and manipulate the result of elections. Especially in America and central Europe.

China is famous for its so-called 50 cent army. Made up of hundreds of thousands of people, regularly students who are in charge of flooding social networks, both Chinese and international, with provocative, disinformational and abusive content against dissidents, journalists and even citizens who dare to speak out against the party regime Chinese communist.

Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang in an intensive care bed on oxygen support after contracting the coronavirus.

Tools like these were those used by the Chinese regime to silence civilian journalists and doctors like Dr. Li Wenliang, who ended up dying from the virus. The “50 cent army” also regularly patrols Chinese networks such as “WeChat” Chinese WhatsApp equivalent and “Weibo” Chinese WhatsApp equivalent, deleting posts and content that deviates from the formal position of the Communist Party.

Oxford and the Vaccine.

Of primary concern in the face of these Chinese cyberattacks is the Trial Stage Vaccine developed by the University of Oxford. This vaccine is especially promising because it uses a previous and well-known and already approved Coronavirus vaccine, slightly modified to react to the chain of lipids that surround Sars-Covid2, allowing the patient’s body to identify the virus and generate antibodies without the risk of initiate duplication of the viral RNA of the active virus.

Several intelligence agencies fear that China intends to develop a vaccine on an accelerated basis and use it as a bribe against several countries severely hit by the virus. And especially in the African continent where already the predatory investment policy of the Chinese regime has seriously indebted several African economies, unable to pay and contractually obliged to cede controls and land to the Chinese regime due to the inability to cancel the debt.


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