Bridge over Río Segundo will become 8 lanes.

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With the endorsement of the environmental authorities, the OBIS Route 1 CPC Consortium began the expansion of the bridge over Río Segundo, as part of the first batch of the Impossible Works Program (OBIS) on the route between San José and San Ramón, which began in April 2020.

At present, this bridge has a section of 4 lanes (2 in each direction), so that, to increase the road capacity and flow of traffic at that point, the works to be carried out include the demolition of the existing bridge and the construction of a new structure with 8 lanes (4 in each direction of traffic).

“According to the analyzes carried out for the updating of the basic studies and the preliminary project, it was determined that it is not possible to maintain the existing structure, therefore, it must be demolished and a new 8-lane bridge (4 in each direction) would be built. Additionally, the lanes in the area of ​​approach to the bridge will be expanded to 8 lanes (4 in each direction) ”, explained María José Alvarado Aguilar, spokesperson for the Ruta Uno Trust.

Although the existing bridge must be demolished, it will be maintained while the current traffic management expansions are built; In this way, the intervention in Río Segundo will begin with the cutting of trees in the entire right of way, to give way to cleaning work, relocation of affected public services and earthworks, among other equally important activities, for which it will be It is essential to reduce the number of lanes to a single lane per direction. The new traffic management plan must be linked to the one currently in operation in the area of ​​the expansion works of the Firestone overpass.

“Given the proximity of these works to be undertaken for the expansion of the bridge over Río Segundo with those currently being developed in the Firestone sector, during the next few months the road congestion that currently exists at the moment could increase. along that stretch and that, precisely, we are seeking to mitigate with these expansion projects, ”warned Alvarado Aguilar.

“That is why it is important that people are attentive to the traffic management plan and the alternate routes published so that they can adequately plan their trips and make the best decision about the time and route to follow, according to their needs, throughout the period. development of the works ”, he specified.

When does it begins?

It is projected that Barreal-Castella will come into operation during the month of May of this year, as it is only waiting for the construction of the pedestrian crossing to be completed, since it was possible to overcome the issue of the suspension of the works in that point for the archaeological finds that prevented the continuity of the works. Likewise, the connection with the Barreal sector (junction with the National Route at No. 106) must be completed, for which an important advance has been made by the MOPT in the two expropriation processes that are conditioning the conclusion of these jobs.

On the other hand, the inconveniences that arose in the development of the works for the expansion of the bridges over the Ciruelas and Alajuela rivers were also solved with the publication of the Decree of National Convenience and the obtaining by the contractor of the Corta de Trees in Protected Areas; Therefore, the new projected dates for the completion of these works are June for the new bridge over Río Ciruelas and October for the new bridge over Río Alajuela. As for the expansion of the Firestone underpass, it is estimated to be completed in August, while the new bridge over Río Segundo is scheduled to be completed in early December.


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