Brazil reaches one million cases, Bolivia has 700 deaths

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Of the eight million people infected with coronavirus in the world as of this Friday, one million is in Brazil. According to data from the National Council of Health Secretaries, as of June 19, Brazil registered 1,032,913 cases and 48,954 deaths.

Between June 18 and 19, the country reported 54,771 new cases, a sign that the curve is still on the rise. Brazil is the Latin American country with the most cases and the second in the world after the United States.

Bolivia broke its daily record of Covid-19 infections, exceeding 22,000 positives and 700 deaths, within a few days of completing three months of rigid quarantine for the coronavirus.

The latest data from the Ministry of Health speak of 977 infected, bringing the confirmed cases to 22,476, with 715 deaths and a curve that shows a marked rise in positives for days in this country, of some eleven million inhabitants.

The situation is especially worrying in the region of Santa Cruz, the largest and most populous in Bolivia, with just over three million inhabitants, which concentrates the majority of cases, 13,539, and deaths, 319.

The situation in the Amazon Beni is also worrying, with 3,773 infections and 171 deaths, despite having a population of just half a million inhabitants with a density of less than two people per square kilometer, but its health system was saturated, it had to declare itself the state of disaster in the region and receive support from health personnel and resources from the rest of the country.

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