Botica Central Apothecary completes restoration.

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The replacement of the pieces in the roof or roof structure, as well as the sheets that cover it and the placement of a thermal insulation membrane to generate greater comfort in the interior of the building, is part of the restoration work it received the Botica Central heritage building, located in the center of Cartago.

“The project is in the last details, which was confirmed by Marco Numa, from the Brotherhood of Charity of Cartago, owner of the property,” said Verónica Solórzano, architect of the Center for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, in charge of the inspection, who added; “The works have respected the original design of the building, including the roof or roof, in order to preserve its original appearance. The above after the wooden trusses were practically destroyed by the fire that occurred on October 21, 2019, which warranted the replacement by metal parts, which will provide a longer useful life in relation to wood. The tapestries were successfully rescued and restored, in addition, they were reinforced with an exogenous structure that provides greater rigidity and security, “explained Solórzano.

For his part, Marco Numa, of the Brotherhood of Charity of Cartago, reported that the restoration of the property is in the last details and they are enabling it to continue with its commercial use. The investment to restore the building came from the owner organization.

The property, which lately functioned as a small shopping center, was declared a Historical-Architectural Heritage by Executive Decree No. 30570-C on July 18, 2002, published in the official newspaper La Gaceta No. 138.

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