Border police must walk up to 8 hours a day to monitor it.

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Take walks of up to eight hours through extremely hostile terrain. The clay, mud, stone, bush, cracked, humid, muddy soil, together with the incessant heat for a few moments and the sudden rain, which makes the journey more embarrassing, does not stop them.

It does not matter if the place is flat or steep, if it is dry or if streams must be crossed. No matter the weather or the risk of snakes or some other animal like scorpions or bullet ants, there they are.

It is a group of officers of the Public Force, the National Police Academy, reservists with many years of experience and the Border Police who carry out patrols in the mouth of the San Carlos river.

Also, they patrol on the banks of the San Juan river, visit communities called Palo Seco, Cureña and Cureñita. They even reach Sarapiquí through the mountainous area.

The objective is clear: to secure the border, provide health advice, and ask citizens to report any irregularity.

This is just a small sample of the journey carried out by officers on foot or by motorcycle, every day, and to remind you, reader, to stay home, as they take care of the country.

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