October brings destinations to Paradise Products Costa Rica

We are delighted to announce that finally we made it!!. From now and on you can book travels and destinations inside out beautiful country. Not long after beginning this amazing journey. A question jumped to our mind. What about the destinations? We’ve got the products. We sale and ship the best of what is made […]

Cartago 2018 La fiesta de la Negrita de los Ángeles.

Costa Rica is a place full of traditions. Inherit by the Spanish traditions every town has it’s saint patron. Every Saint has its day and every year that day there is a massive celebrations. Commonly known as “Turnos” the days before the Saint day are known for been infuse with party spirit. A time where […]

Want to earn a 10 off discount coupon. Share your photos or videos with us.

We want to see your photos. And we want to share them with the world. And we wil give you a -10% discount coupon every time we post one of your photos. Any topic will do. Animals, Landscapes, people, places etc. This is how to do it. Follow us on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/paradiseproductscostarica/ Send us your photos […]

Faster, Better, Stronger. More Pura Vida

We are growing fast… What once started as an idea to collaborate with a community is a strong company staring bravely into the future, What pains us the most about this experience is the days we went offline. This is not only a source of income for us and the families, artists and craftmen that work with us. It is also a compromise a mission. We do believe this is a way we have to share a bit of this amazing place we call our land with the world.

[:en]El OH!8 is in their final weekend Go the the theatre with us![:es]El OH!8 se presenta en su último fin de semana. ¡Vamos al teatro! [:]

[:en]Here Paradise Products Costa Rica we got a really special invitation for you. Let’s go together to the theater this weekend to see El OH!8 in their last presentations. What is El OH!8?. We here you ask? El OH!8 is a multi disciplinary event. That unite professional performers of areas such as theatre, dance, music, […]

Paradise CR grows shipworlwide up to 24 hours after buying

Here in Paradise Products Costa Rica we have a commitment regarding the promotion of Costa Rican goods and services. Always bringing the best quality possible. Basing all our practices on fair trade policies. Guarantying that our products are made by artist, craftmen, families and entrepreneurs. Meaning that the earning of each product goes directly to […]

[:en]Costa Rica and the World cups Part 2[:es]La historia de Costa Rica en los Mundiales [:fr]Costa Rica and the World cups Part 2[:]

[:en] South Africa from hom The next step will always be refer as one of the dark spots in the history of the World Cups for Costa Rica. Heading towards the next world cup to be held in South Africa in 2010. The national team had an completely irregular behaviour during the classification rounds. Although […]

Costa Rica and the World cups Part 1

[:en]The beginning of July means only one thing for the fans (and not so fans) of the football all around the world. The begining of FIFA The World Cup 2018. This year Russia been the host. Of the twenty first World Cup Tournament. The mecca for all football fans. The World Cup is perhaps the […]

[:en]Expo Museums 2018 18th and 19th of May[:es]Expo Museums 2018 18th and 19th of May[:]

[:en] The international day of the museums will be celebrated the 18th and 19th of May. In la Casa del Cuño. Antigua Aduana  On Friday 18th there will be activities for elementary school students. The 19th the expo will be open to the public. San José, 14th of may 2018. Expo Museos, is a fair in […]

[:es]Reglamento para el sorteo 2 entradas dobles a la Feria del Chocolate[:]

[:es]Paradise Products Costa Rica está regalando 2 entradas dobles para 2 ganadores para la Feria del Chocolate 2018 el 8 9 y 10 de Junio. Es decir se regalan un total de 4 entradas. Se elegirán al azar 2 ganadores de entre los participantes. Cada entrada tiene un valor individual de 2.000 colones. Reglamento. Participaran […]