62 Works to celebrate MADC’s Birthday

An exhibition with more than 62 pieces of at least 52 Costa Rican and central american artists. Are getting together to celebrate the 25th years of existence of the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporaneo. Some of the works have already been part of several kinds of activites. From Pedagogical Mediation, cinema cicles, concerts, picnics, […]

“La secuencialidad del deterioro” Exhibition at Centro de Investigación y Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural.

A total of 35 engravings in metal. Aim to reflect the damage suffer by the skin with the years. The exhibition “La secuencialidad del deterioro” open to the public during the month of june from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm at de Investigación y Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural. The pieces had as a […]

Online Payment for Tourism Services temporarily suspended. More destinations and activities coming soon.

To our customers and clients. Paradise Products Costa Rica informs that our Travel and Tourism area will not be able to process online payments in the immediate future. The reasons is we are adding a new payment gateway aiming to offer variety and better prices to our clients. Since the beginning of our operations we […]

World Press 2019 Expo on the Biblioteca Nacional Manuel Obregon Lizano

The National Library of Costa Rica and the Embassy of the Netherlands Embassy in Costa Rica. Invites the general public to the exhibition”World Press 2019 Stories that Matter” The exhibition shows 144 photographs. And it opens to the public the 6th of June at 5:00pm in the Library. The exhibition presents the winner photo of […]

La Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica wins the Certificate of Excelence 2019 from TripAdvisor

La Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica one of the associated business of Paradise Products Costa Rica. Has the big honor of wining the”Certificate of Excellence 2019 from TripAdivsor” Visit our Trip Advisor La Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica is a very unique place. A place that puts together the best of the Costa […]

Experts from Costa Rica and Mexico will restore the biggest stone sphere in Costa Rica

The Archeological site “El silencio” is Wolrd Heritage patrimony. The sphere is 2.66 meters in diamters and weights 24 tons. For years it has been suferin alterations for both human and natural causes The works to restore the stone is a milestone in the history of conservation and restoration of pre columbian artifacts. “El Silencio” […]

The Beetles of May

Every place has seasonal animals. And while Costa Rica received animal visitors pretty much all year long. Escaping from the winter and migrating North to South and vice versa. There is one little fellow that takes the crown. For appearing every year during the same month. This beetles that belong to the Coleopter order. Actually […]

Costa Rican National Symbols. The White Tale Deer

Continuing with our series of entries about the national symbols of Costa Rica today’s the turn of the White tale dear. The symbol of the exuberant fauna of Costa Rica. The scientific name of the deer is Odocoileus virginianus. And can be found in wild habitats from North America to South America. The White Tale […]

La Casa del Cacao better and more sweet than ever. And a very special discount

A year or so ago… We talk about a unique place. A shop that is a must visit place while in San José. A place truly imposible to forget. A already excelente idea that some how has manage to get even better. La Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica is the only Chocolate shop, Restaurante […]

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Discover Chepe with Carpe Chepe and Paradise Products Costa Rica. Book the tours NOW!

Here in Paradise Products Costa Rica we got a compromise the propagation of the History and Culture of Costa Rica. While very well known by its impressive nature Costa Rica. Also has several vibrant cities. Sometimes avoid by tourists because of its image of messy and bit chaotic. (A stigma share by many latin american […]