Barra del Colorado marine management area created.

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“The creation of this new marine management area marks a before and after in the way the country decides to manage its marine-coastal resources. It is a clear example of the joint and coordinated work of various institutions and communities to create a new vision of our seas, “said the President of the Republic.

The process of creating the new protected area -which lasted for the last eight years- was led by neighboring communities, accompanied by the Tortuguero Conservation Area (ACTo) of the National Conservation Area System (SINAC) and also included , with the technical and financial support of the Costa Rica Forever Association (ACRXS) and funds from the Regional Security Initiative for Latin America (CARSI, for its acronym in English) of the United States Embassy in Costa Rica.

The president explained that the new marine management area will allow the recovery of populations of fishing interest, which contribute to maintaining the health of the ecosystem and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the surrounding communities who depend on some of these species for their food and trade.

For his part, the Minister of Environment and Energy, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, emphasized that the main focus of the new marine management area will be the conservation, sustainable use, and fair and equitable distribution of marine-coastal resources. “The different competent institutions will give special importance in their planning to the attention of the objectives of conservation, development, management and attention of the human groups that intervene”, he concluded.

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