Banco Nacional grants an extension to more than 107 thousand loans in case of COVID-19

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The National Bank, as the country’s main bank, brings immediate financial relief to 107,305 credits, by realigning them through an extension. Within this execution are housing loans, cards, consumer loans and vehicles for non-salaried people and pensioners, for a total of 55,090 operations. At the same time, 52,215 micro, small, and medium-sized loans, as well as entrepreneurs with corporate loans, experienced an adjustment in their credit operations.

“For us at the BN Conglomerate, it is a great satisfaction to contribute with the financial relief of thousands of our clients, who we know are currently facing great challenges in the face of the health crisis we are experiencing in the world, due to COVID-19. Our responsibility is to act, in this first phase, with those who have seen their income drop suddenly due to this emergency, “said Don Gustavo Vargas, General Manager of the National Bank.

Since March 18, Vargas had indicated that the National Bank maintained its commitment to job protection in the country, which is of enormous importance in light of the relatively high unemployment rate that Costa Rica has and that it is mandatory to avoid, at all costs, its dramatic growth. He also indicated that the “institution would work to also alleviate the situation of large, medium, small, and micro companies, in order to prevent their workers from losing their jobs and increasing the number of unemployed.”

For his part, the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, thanked the National Bank for its response to this national emergency with measures that seek to protect the unemployed, pensioners, micro, small and medium-sized companies, as well as entrepreneurs with corporate loans. . “The country needs the effort of each one of us to get ahead of this crisis. I am convinced that all together we will be able to achieve it ”, he exclaimed.

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