[:en]So here we are with a bag full of dreams.[:]

[:en]If this is your first time visiting this website, or just stumble upon this letters. We want to welcome you to this idea. We are a blog, a store, and a voice or more accurately a whisper of Costa Rica. Our country, made for us and for you. Made with a gentle soul that now is trying to reach you even if you are miles away or oceans apart. Paradise Products began with an idea. Helping hardworking people to sell their products. And giving other hardworking people around the world a product and an experience that brings a smile to their faces.

In this blog

In this blog hopefully you will find interesting information about Costa Rica. Our people, our passions our land, flora and fauna. Some history and some stories. Legends and facts, maybe some recommendations about where to eat, what is mandatory to see, feel or experience if you ever find yourself here. You will also get to know our artists and entrepreneurs. The people, faces and hands in charge of the products you purchase here.

We hope our content to be worthy of your attention or curiosity. And pledge to work to improve the content of our blog constantly for you.

In this store.

In this store you will find products made by Costa Rican’s hands. Creations by hard working fathers, mothers and grandparents, and by young and stubborn entrepreneurs. Betting their youth in to an idea, a product or concept they consider worth fighting for. You will find pieces of art of jewels and articles pretty much impossible to get anywhere else but in Costa Rica.

Our Story

We are close to become six months old. For those new this idea began as a way to help five women in Nandayure Guanacaste to sell their beautiful jewelry. Back then this website was called Belleza Silvestre [Wild Beauty]. Their product is unique. High quality beautiful jewelry made of wild seeds from the forests of Costa Rica. Something quite unique to have and also quite difficult to find else where in the world. By any means except coming to Costa Rica and stumble upon it by accident or mare luck.

Soon we realized there were other products that fit that profile. Unique, made in Costa Rica, High quality and beautiful. So we decided to expand and ask other craftsmen if the would like to participate with us. After a quick trip to Sarchi we enroll Rolando Alvarado an Ox cart painter. And soon we find ourselves tasting an old recipe for sugar cane molasses rescue by don Sergio. Holding in my hands unique wood sculptures from don Arturo, talking with Ileana a multi talented artist meeting and knowing entrepreneurs. Flattered and humble by so many people trusting us their name, brand and products in this idea. We were (and still are)  determine to work for them and with them. And so Belleza Silvestre evolve into Paradise Products Costa Rica. The Costa Rican store.

We believe in our products and the people making them. And we are sure you are gonna like them. How ever the thing with craftsmen, pieces of art and rare materials is that they are very difficult to procure in large quantities. For that reason the artists seldom find themselves in a position were they are not able to supply big stores with their goods. And in those rare stores that offered a space for craftsmen to sell their “handmade” creations.  The mass condition force the producers to wait and or fight each other for the chance to get the main page.

Been buried between hundreds of hopefuls and their surely beautiful products could be drowning experience. Nor is fair to the buyer to be bombarded with objects he or she doesn’t really want. Filtered by algorithms that look for patterns of behavior or tendencies that could end up feeling invasive. Here there is no noise when you are searching for something. No recommendations for you to by a 4K aerial photo drone after you spend 1 minute looking for a SD card for your camera.

But let’s go back to the bright side of our story. Which is that by having something difficult to purchase you also have something rare and unique. Something valuable not just for its costs or its position in the periodic table. But valuable because it comes with bragging rights. It is something created for you. With you in mind. Something that came to existence because you command it to be.

As a Costarrican I know this country was made of unique stuff. We ticos are in love with our country, it’s nature, landscapes and people. It is certainly not a feeling of superiority or anything like. That but a strange urge to share what we got by the mare luck of been born in this small piece  of land. And this is what Paradise Products Costa Rica offers you. The opportunity to glance your beauty with a necklace made of forest. To taste more than two hundred years of hard work, love dawns and sunsets in our coffees. To shelter from the sun or the rain under the colours of our carts. And more. And to learn and experience Costa Rica let us reach you until you can reach to us.


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