AyA invests ₡ 925 million in Hatillos for the next dry season

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Some 8,000 residents of Los Hatillos 1, 2 and 4 will have a better supply of drinking water thanks to the work to replace 11.5 kilometers of pipes carried out by the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) since mid-September and which is expected conclude in December.

The investment of ₡ 925 million will allow a better supply in the next dry season by reducing the loss of liquid due to non-visible leaks, as well as possible illicit connections.

In addition, 2,240 planned homes and businesses are being replaced and 126 operating valves are installed that will allow a more efficient distribution of water.

The works will also improve the emergency response capacity, as the hydrants in these sectors will be interconnected to the new pipeline.

“This comprehensive reform of the pipeline network reinforces the institution’s commitment to the southern neighborhoods, which have received priority attention since the emergency due to water deficit at the beginning of the year,” said AyA’s executive president, Yamileth Astorga.

The 11.5 km of pipeline is added to the 1.3 km that the AyA changed in the first half of the year in Hatillo 2 for the benefit of 321 households.

Part of the work is carried out within the framework of the Project for the Reduction of Unaccounted for Water and Optimization of Energy Efficiency (RANC-EE).

The AyA maintains direct contact with the leaders of the Hatillos to inform them about the progress of the works and their implications, for example, temporary closures of roads or temporary suspensions of the service due to the work.

Emergency projects

The AyA executive president indicated that emergency projects to address the water deficit in the Metropolitan Area include infrastructure improvements, as well as the incorporation of more water sources.

“In addition to the work in Los Hatillos, AyA has injected four wells to the Metropolitan Aqueduct to increase water in the capital and plans to incorporate 6 more in San Pablo de Heredia, Belén and La Valencia during these months,” said the hierarch.

These works are part of the 23 emergency projects that the Institution was able to design and begin execution since September 2019, when emergency decree No. 41944-MP-MAG, with a total investment of ₡ 31,137 million.

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