Attention: the North Zone will have different sanitary measures than the rest of the country.

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The ministers of Health, Daniel Salas, and of Public Security, Michael Soto, announced this Tuesday at a press conference new measures of restriction in cantons of the northern zone of Costa Rica, given the vulnerability to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, by its proximity or connection link with the northern border.

On that line, from Monday to Sunday, inclusive, vehicular traffic will not be allowed between 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. in the cantons of Guatuso, La Cruz, Los Chiles, Upala and Río Cuarto. Nor in the districts of Duacarí (Guácimo), Colorado and La Colonia (Pococí), Aguas Zarcas, Cutris, Pital and Pocosol (San Carlos), Llanuras del Gaspar and Curuña (Sarapiquí), Pacuarito and Reventazón (Siquirres).

Additionally, the Government authorities reported on the restriction of access for navigation in the following rivers: Medio Queso, Frío, Tortuguero, Colorado and Sarapiquí channels, and the productive and fishing activities are exempt, duly verified by the competent authorities.

The government representatives indicated that the provisions will take effect from this Wednesday, June 3, starting at 5:00 p.m. and reiterated that the persons included in the list of exceptions that have already been exposed previously may transit.

The Health Minister, Daniel Salas, explained that as part of the elements analyzed in the current context of the national state of emergency, there is a risk of greater exposure to COVID-19 that certain regions of the country face due to its geographical location.

“Certain cantons of the national territory that are more vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19 due to their proximity or connection link with the borders, particularly in relation to the country’s northern border. Therefore, it is necessary to establish special measures to reduce the risk of exposure and spread in these areas. Hence, the decision has been made to adapt the nighttime vehicle restriction measure more rigorously in these sectors to protect the health of the population, ”stated the rector of Health.

Coincident with Minister Salas, the hierarch of Security, Governance and Police, Michael Soto, indicated that there are some points in the referred boundary line –mainly for geological reasons– that influence the illegal entry of foreign people into the country.

“We will be working hard with all the police forces of the Ministry of Public Security, Migration, Traffic and the Judicial Investigation Agency to ensure that these measures are carried out as we have already worked since the beginning of the border closure and now in particular with these new restrictions that are added with the purpose of protecting the health of the citizenry, ”said Minister Soto Rojas.

“The restriction measures that we are announcing today came after a process of dialogue with local authorities and the business sector. There is a real danger for our country in the face of the difficult situation that Nicaragua is going through and we must reinforce our measures to guarantee that Costa Rican public health is not put at risk, ”reiterated the vice president of the Republic and coordinator of the Northern Zone Development Strip, Epsy Campbell. .

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