Attention Tea Lovers, Arté Costa Rica and Paradise come together for your delight. Shiping World Wide

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Tea is a millenary drink, its origin is mixed with legend. When Shennong, also known as Emperor Yan whose name means “Divine Farmer” after taking a nap under a tea tree is awakened by a slight breeze, which shook the tea tree and dropped a couple of drops into a bowl of hot water. tea leaves.

Shennong had decreed that all water in China should be boiled before consumption. As the tea leaves fell into the hot water a pleasant new aroma caught the emperor’s attention. Tasting the Yan drink he was delighted by its aroma, flavor, freshness and restorative effect.

That was more than 5,000 years ago, that is to say that for more than 5 millennia he has accompanied you to humans as one of the favorite preparations, his mixtures, capacities, flavors and tastes are almost infinite. There are teas for every palate and every taste. As well as to help fulfill various metabolic functions.

About Arté Costa Rica

Arté is an initiative dedicated to the creation of tea blends, using natural species, fruits and flowers from Costa Rican production creating unique fusions that lead each being to their own personal experience through all the senses.

Arté allows those who enjoy a good cup of tea to create a ritual of connection with their own senses through their personal tea ceremonies, unifying our outer space with the intimacy of our being.

Water boils when complemented with Fire to introduce the Air into bubbles that it requires during its boiling and thus obtain the best of its leaves, its Earth leaves, in the infusion. Each being will find their personal, intimate and unique formality to perform their own ritual.

Arté Costa Rica

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