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If there is to be a Costa Rica survival guide. (and know I got an idea) One on the facts and vital information on that guide has to be.


Costa Rica loves coffee. And Costa Rica’s coffee is AMAZING!!

We are extremely happy to welcome Aromas Coffee to the Paradise Products family. Here in Paradise Products we believe that Costa Rica is an immersive experience. If you want to dive into what we are as a country and as people an intellectual approach might not be enough. You will need your senses. And nothing is better to arouse the senses than food. And one of our highlights world wide regarding food is our coffee. Several times named the best coffee in the world. But more on that later…

Aromas Café.

Aromas Café is made in the mountains of El Humo de Pejibaye in Turrialba in the province of Cartago by the Gamboa Cordero family. The Gamboa family recollects the production several other families in Pejibaye  ensuring those families with payment above the average cost of the “Cajuela” (A Cajuela is the unit of measure use to pay a collector for his work and is equal to 12.9kg of raw coffee grains.) Once the grain is collected the process of transforming it into the liquid gold you know and love falls in the hands of all six members of the Gamboa family.

The Gamboa family produces 3 different coffes:

  • Classic.

Either in grain or milled is achive by giving the coffee a dark toast. Making it stronger and darker.

  •   Premium

This is a middle toast which better preserves the characteristics of the fruit. Is more aromatic than the dark toast and has a better balance between taste, bitterness and body.

  • Reserve.

This is the light toast, resulting in a smother and clearest coffee. Enhancing the bitterness. Only a high quality and pure coffee can be light toasted. Without loosing its body.

Aromas Café is sale by units but also ready to ship up to 30Kg worldwide. If you have a cafeteria or a would like to have large quantities contact us or buy in the wholesaler section.


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