[:en]Are you ready for La Romería?[:]

[:en]August is near and with August comes one of the most beloved and attended traditions in Costa Rica. The Romería, each and every year almost two million people visit La Negrita de los Ángeles and avocation of the Virgin Mary and the saint Patron of Costa Rica. Learn more of the Romería and the story of La Negrita Here.

The Romería is a Pilgrimage by foot that the faithful once every year to see the Virgin Mary. Every 2nd of August. However many people choose to walk several days ahead. The Romeria starts in San Jose’s Cathedral and ends up in The Basilica of the Angels in Cartago. By foot the it should take around 6 hours to arrive.

Here are some recommendations for you if you choose to do the Pilgrimage.

  1. Pack food and water and if you take medications pack them as well. Pack some Bananas (potassium will help you to avoid)
  2. Use sport shoes and wear socks.
  3. Use solar protection. A cap or hat are a really good ideas as well.
  4. Travel in groups. If you get lost agree to see each other in the next police or Cruz Roja control.
  5. Know your limits. It is a quite demanding travel. And the are going to be several control places. With doctors, police man and ambulances for you. Don’t burn yourself out.
  6. Use reflective clothes specially if you are going to travel at night.
  7. Do not take detours.
  8. Do not make small children walk of the Romería. They are not ready for it.
  9. Do not bring dogs with you. Their pawns are not made for such long walks on hot asfalt. They suffer quite a lot.

If you need to return to San José the Bus stop will be move to the south side of the Colegio Vicente Lachnner. And the Trains will be leaving every 30 minutes from the train station.

Enjoy your Romeria.


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