Approved protocol for re-activation of sports activities.

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Starting from the “Sectoral Protocol for the prevention of COVID-19 in the sports and recreation sector”, approved by the Minister of Sport, Hernán Solano Venegas, the organizations in charge of sports clubs, facilities and sports and recreational events of mass concentration will be able to elaborate their own guides to reactivate their activities preventing the spread of the virus.

It is a document that contains the minimum requirements for the preparation of a sectoral technical health guide under the definitions issued by the Ministry of Health, where each sector must rigorously complete the information requested by the authorities and abide by the provisions issued in the context of the pandemic.

The hierarch stressed the coordinated work between different entities allowed to finalize the proposal of guidelines that was in charge of the University of Costa Rica (School of Industrial Engineering), Costa Rican Institute of Sport and Recreation, National University, ASETEC – ITCR and advisers of the office of the sports minister.

“This protocol is part of the work that we are promoting together with sports entities with the purpose of reactivating sports activity throughout the country in a progressive, safe and responsible manner,” said the Minister of Sport, warning that it is subject to being permanently updated. so that it responds at all times to current health needs and guidelines.

“The proposed objective is that sport, recreation and physical activity at this time are a source of exercise not only physical, but emotional, so that we can put the health of the citizenry ahead and at the same time generate possibilities for those who depend on this activity, “added the hierarch.

He said that the sports and recreation sector and its subsectors must commit to comply with accepted principles of good behavior in the context of the pandemic, “even when situations become even more difficult,” he said.

Other measures that the sector must take into account include:

  • Appropriate behaviors for people who serve the public.
  • Maintenance and constant cleaning of the facilities.
  • Compliance with capacity as established by the health authorities and pre-appointment assistance programming.
  • People with respiratory problems may not enter.
  • Different hours for high risk people.
  • Lettering of the correct washing of hands and sanitary instructions.
  • Stay on beaches: label the beaches with the corresponding prevention instructions that are in force to date, as well as compliance with the current schedule.

Sports practices or family recreation in public spaces

  • Sports in individual modality in public spaces: cycling, athletics, individual tennis, and others in public spaces enabled to date, must maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters between people.
  • It is recommended not to walk or run behind or in front of someone, but diagonally or to the side keeping the minimum distance indicated and disinfecting the equipment.
  • Individual exercise and family recreation in public spaces. Do not go out to exercise in groups of more than 3 people and maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters between people who do not live under the same roof, including when riding a bicycle, following the current Traffic Law.

Minister Solano indicated that communication of protocols to interested parties is a fundamental pillar, so each sports organization must define a reliable and official channel to share information related to COVID-19 that is truthful and from the Ministry of Health. (information boards, posters, official signs in visible places, digital channels, among others).

In addition, he emphasized that prevention is another of the pillars on which this protocol was built; taking into account the different spaces (parks, open spaces and closed spaces), where both sports and recreational activities are carried out and the responsibilities of those who attend them and who administer these spaces. Finally, he stressed that there are protocol links from the different Professional Schools that are also linked to sports and recreation.

He also reported that the protocols of the different sectors will be reviewed by a Technical Advisory Commission made up of experts from the office of the Minister of Sport, ICODER, UNA, Asetec – ITCR, CON.

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