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Inhabitants of communities throughout the country will be able to return to practice in controlled groups under technical supervision, aerobics, yoga, pilates, functional exercises, among others, announced the Minister of Sport, Hernán Solano Venegas, on announcing the approval of the “Specific Protocol for Physical and Recreational Activities”.

It is a protocol that seeks to prevent and mitigate – in compliance with the measures dictated by the Ministry of Health – the COVID-19, while allowing people to recreate themselves under a responsibility to protect themselves from the pandemic.

Among the measures established the protocol includes previous appointment, compliance with the capacity established by the health governing body, distance of two meters, personal hygiene, constant cleaning and disinfection of the facilities, ventilation of closed spaces with the aim of avoiding the concentration of respiratory droplets and aerosols.

In addition, the health guide emphasizes the prohibition of recreational practice if a person has a fever, general malaise, cough, difficulty in breathing, loss of smell or altered perception of the taste of food. Nor will those who have had family or household contact with people with flu symptoms or who are suspected of having COVID-19 be allowed to enter the facility.

Minister Solano Venegas thanked his office’s Technical Advisory Committee on Protocols, as well as the Costa Rican Institute of Sport and Recreation, the Ministry of Public Education, representatives of cantonal Sport and Recreation Committees and the academy for drawing up this health protocol, “which will benefit thousands of citizens by returning to practise their favourite disciplines from their communities,” he said.

“This guide will make it easier for many residents of communities – under established health provisions – to resume the practice of activities that seek to bring physical and emotional health to people who have been affected by measures such as social isolation,” said the Minister of Sport. feature=oembedHernán Solano Venegas, Minister of Sport

The health measures included in the document include:

Sanitary permit. Each sports or recreational organisation (sports centres, academies, clubs, teams, etc.) must have a valid health permit.

Appointment required. Each administration of the sports or recreational facility must coordinate and schedule appointments with users by phone or digital means according to the schedules and spaces available for training at their facility.

Timetable. Between each session there should be a difference of 30 minutes to avoid crowding at the entrance and exit of the installation and to proceed with the cleaning and disinfection of the installation in this period of time.

Cleaning. Each sports or recreational facility administration must have a person in charge of cleaning and maintenance and have a compliance log that allows evidence of the procedures and periods of cleaning.

Green areas. The opening of green areas and open air sports or recreational spaces (common areas) is at the discretion of the facility’s administration as long as it has the resources to properly apply protocols and guarantee health safety.

Social bubble. Those who practice sport or recreational activity must go without a companion. However, in the case of minors or someone with a disability, they may be accompanied by only one person belonging to the same bubble and who is of age, complying with all general hygiene measures.

Ventilation. All windows and doors should be opened as much as possible to provide the best possible ventilation and air currents, so that virus-contaminated respiratory droplets and aerosols are not concentrated, as they are carried away by the air.

Demarcation. The organisation or entity in charge of the activity must demarcate a space for each user that complies with the minimum distance of 2 square metres. Therefore, the user must remain in the assigned space during the whole session.

Personal hygiene. The person doing sport, recreation or physical activity must always carry his personal protective equipment (alcohol gel, mask before and after the activity, among others, hydration) in the means of transport he uses. The complete protocol can be found at the following link:


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