Animalistics: Ceramic Exhibition 2020, Calderón Guardia Museum

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More than 70 pieces made by professionals and amateurs of ceramic production are part of this “open”, which will be for the public to appreciate until Monday, November 30.

It involves a range of techniques, from the traditional to the new options that arise from experimentation and research.

The exhibition is organized by the Chair of Ceramic Design of the School of Plastic Arts of the University of Costa Rica, with the support of the Vice President for Social Action.

“The ceramic open is a highly anticipated space because it promotes participation, especially in this year of so much virtuality, people are eager to express themselves. It is very satisfactory that, despite the new normality, we are presenting the exhibition at the Museum’s facilities, ”said Mauricio Rodríguez Reyes, representing the organizing team.

“The Museum galleries are always willing to present ceramic art, with that artistic expressiveness that it offers, enriched by the personal contribution of each participant and in this case focused on Animalistics,” said Luis Rafael Núñez Bohórquez, director of the Calderón Guardia Museum.

The Ceramic Openings are held for two years in a row, then follows the Triennial that corresponds to 2021 and will have as its theme the celebration of the two hundred years of Independence of the country.

The Calderón Guardia Museum, located in Barrio Escalante, opens from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. at 5 p.m. Visitors must wear a mask to enter and remain in the rooms.

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