“Anécdotas 360” A Virtual visit to the CENAC. Old Liquor Factory

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Named “Anécdotas: A 360” experience through the CENAC, The Press Office of the Ministry of Culture and Youth and Paradise Products Costa Rica. Invites our readers to do a virtual tour through the history of the CENAC.

To do the tour, the visitors should have access to a smartphone or tablet and headphones. Plus an internet connection (wifi available at place too).

The visit will have 12 points of information. As pedestals distributed through the CENAC. On which the users would be able to access the QR codes. Located in the complex allowing the visitor to access videos. Where Otilio Rodríguez and 10 more fictional characters will guide the public across the different places at the 163 years old building. The videos will include video content, narration, graphics and surprises that will entertain the assistants.

The character will guide the public starting at Parque España. West from the Cenac. From there he will walked to the Theater 1887, Teatro de la Danza, Pila de la Melaza, the Boilers and some other espaces. During 60 minutes.

According to Dennis Portugez, vice minister of the MCJ. This new modality trough the building and national patrimony Cenac. Will be offer for both Costa Ricans and forenigers. Allowing the MCJ to promote the value of such an emeblematic building. Preserving our historic patrimony.

Ileana Rojas, chief of the Press Office of the MCJ. Said that this projects, allow to show our architechtonic treasures, while also eseaing the access to culutral services to the general public. About the history of all that now indentifies Costa Rica.

From 27th of September to the 20th of December.

The expiriences will be offerr free of charge to all public From 27th of September to the 20th of December. Every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00am. At the building. Tours will also be available the Saturdays 19th of October 9th and 30th of November and the 14th of December.

All material will be available in Spanish and in English and there will also be access for deaf people.

Those intrested in take part of this visits. Will have to do a reservation at Reservation is mandatory to ensure the date is available. The capacity is limited. And the visitors will have to show 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

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