An average of 1,744 people have been vaccinated per day since December 24. (Total 101,183)

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101 183 vaccines have been applied against covid-19, reaching a rate of applied doses of 1.96 per 100 inhabitants. According to data from the Integrated Vaccine Information System (SIVA) at the close of the previous Friday, of the total vaccines placed 57 162 correspond to first doses and 44 021 to second, these being the totality of people who have already completed their immunization scheme .

The metropolitan area of ​​San José and the province of Cartago (Central-South region) is the area of ​​the country where the highest number of doses has been applied so far for a total of 49,712, reaching a vaccination rate for that region of 2 , 59 per 100 inhabitants.

The North Central region that contains the province of Heredia and the metropolitan area of ​​Alajuela occupies a second position, since since the beginning of the day its vaccine teams have placed 27,770 doses for a rate of 2.04 per 100 inhabitants.

The CCSS technical teams recalled that after the entry of a new vaccine batch to our country, this week the vaccination of the group of people aged 58 years and over will be advanced, without neglecting the vaccination of group 1, in follow-up with what is established by the National Commission for Vaccination and Epidemiology (CNVE) attached to the Ministry of Health.

Precisely, the CNVE agreed that of the total doses that enter our country, 80% would be used to protect people over 58 years of age, always starting with the oldest, and 20% for officials of first-rate institutions. response and older adults and officials in long-stay homes.

This Monday 56,094 doses were distributed to the health facilities of the CCSS and they will be placed throughout this week. The CCSS reminded the population over 58 years of age who regularly use the services of the institution should wait for the appropriate call from the health areas to be vaccinated.

Those people who have recently changed their phone number should update their data through the EDUS application so that they can be called and receive information about their vaccination; while people without a record in the CCSS must enlist in the ebáis of their community to locate them when appropriate according to their age.

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