Alternate air base installed in Las Tablillas for permanent surveillance on the northern border

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Active surveillance maintained by more than six police forces in the country has rejected 5,357 foreign people – most of them Nicaraguan – who were trying to evade the closure of borders, reported the first vice president of the Republic, Epsy Campbell Barr, during a visit this Friday. to the Las Tablillas and Peñas Blancas immigration control posts.

Campbell traveled to the northern area with the Minister of Security, Michael Soto; the Vice Minister of the Interior and Police, Carlos Andrés Torres; the director of the Border Police, Allan Obando and the director of the Traffic Police, Germán Marín. The hierarchs inspected the border protection operation that has been active since March 19 by the Professional Migration Police, the Border Police, the National Air Surveillance Service, the National Coast Guard Service, the Public Force, the Traffic Police and the Drug Control Police.

According to data from the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration, until this Friday a total of 5,357 rejections had been carried out against foreign people, most of them in unauthorized steps and official posts in Peñas Blancas and Las Tablillas, as well as a smaller number in the southern border.

Additionally, 1,350 other residents or those with work permits have been prevented from re-entering the country, having left the national territory during the emergency period. The General Directorate of Immigration and Aliens will initiate a process to cancel your immigration status.

“We want to assure the citizens that everything within our reach is being done. The number of officers we regularly have at the border has multiplied by much, and it is going to multiply much more. We have surveillance at strategic points along the border and along the highway, ”said Vice President Campbell.

“With this police deployment we are protecting all the people who live in our country, guaranteeing that there are no irregular incomes, safeguarding Costa Rican public health and security,” he added.

Security Minister Michael Soto reported that an alternate air base was installed in Las Tablillas to maintain permanent surveillance from the air.

“Costa Ricans must have the guarantee and security of the work we are carrying out and recognize all the police for the work they are doing. Taking care of meter by meter is complicated, but we are making the maximum effort ”, he stressed.

Soto explained that the output of Nicaraguan people during Easter has been much less than usual. He recalled that the immigration status of those who have left during the emergency period will be canceled and that the prohibition of entry to the country of non-resident foreigners remains.

The director of the Traffic Police, Germán Marín, reported that in the border cantons a total of 70 fines have been imposed on people who have violated the sanitary vehicle restriction and 60 cars have been intercepted that were transporting people irregularly.

“Hemos logrado detener 60 automóviles. Hacemos el comiso del automotor y ponemos a las órdenes de las autoridades policiales a las personas”, aseguró.

Finalmente, el director de la Policía de Fronteras, Allan Obando, destacó que el trabajo en equipo de todos los oficiales y el uso de tecnología como drones ha permitido que el operativo se desarrolle con éxito, con resultados sin precedentes.

La vicepresidenta Campbell -quien coordina el programa “Franja de Desarrollo” para los cantones de La Cruz, Los Chiles, Upala, Guatuso, San Carlos, Río Cuarto, Sarapiquí, Pococí y el distrito de Peñas Blancas de San Ramón- ha realizado un total de siete visitas a la zona norte, en las últimas tres semanas.

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