Alajuelita screening with 1,504 samples yields only 65 sick people.

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The screening for the detection of covid-19 cases carried out by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), in the canton of Alajuelita, allowed the identification of 65 people with this disease.

As explained by Dr. Xiomara Badilla Vargas, head of the CCSS epidemiological surveillance subarea, during the work week a total of 1,504 samples were taken: 1,348 in the community setting and 156 in the area of differentiated care (triage). ) in the facilities of the Alajuelita health area headquarters.

Of the total of positive cases, 25 were detected in the facilities of the health area, where the test was performed only on patients who presented symptoms associated with this disease. While, in the community setting, the sample was taken mainly from patients without symptoms and detected 40 people with the disease.

The study required the participation of nearly 100 officials from the central level of the institution, from the Alajuelita health area and from various health facilities that they supported during the five days that the tests were carried out.

Within the observed, it is noteworthy that, in the case of the sex and ages of the people who were sampled through the nasopharyngeal swab, for the community screening scenario and whose sampling was random, more women were analyzed ( 781) than men (567), while slightly more men (79) than women (77) were observed in the samples taken at the health area headquarters.

Regarding the geographical distribution of positive cases, it was observed:

Escenario Tamizaje Comunitario Escenario TRIAGE 
41% Precario Los Pinos/ 
Urb. Juan Rafael Mora  12%
Corina Rodríguez  12%
San Josecito  9%
Concepción Arriba  9%
San Felipe  6%
Almendros  6%
La Guápil   3%
Calle El Alto  3%
Barrio El Tejar/ Barrio Las Vegas 
44% San Felipe 
28% Concepción
  12% Alajuelita
  8% San Josecito  4% Alajuelita Central  
4% San Antonio    

Source: Data provided by the Epidemiological Surveillance Sub-area and Alajuelita Health Area, during the period from July 6 to 10, 2020.

CCSS officials will follow up on those cases that were positive in order to verify the existence of more people who carry the disease within their contacts.

Alajuelita is the tenth canton of the province of San José, it has a population of 92,290 inhabitants by 2020 and its population is attached to the Alajuelita health area, which has 16 ebais.

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