Alajuela Hospital quarantines 40 officials.

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The San Rafael hospital of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) quarantined 40 officials from different services as a preventive measure, because seven hospitalized medicine patients and another gynecology patient tested positive for covid-19.

Dr. Karen Rodríguez Segura, general director, explained that among the measures implemented by the hospital are the cleaning and disinfection of floors, walls, equipment and all the facilities of these services; immediately after receiving the results of these patients today.

Rodríguez reported that these patients, who were tested for fever, were transferred to national hospitals. Patients who were exposed with positives were placed in isolation in four cubicles and will be monitored.

Additionally, the three peripheral vascular doctors are part of the quarantined staff, since one of the positive patients was taken to surgery.

The director said that, for the safety of the officials and users, and in accordance with the stipulations of the Ministry of Health, an internal distribution of the flows and a sectorization was carried out that did not affect the care of the users of this Alajuela hospital.

In addition, the center took extreme measures with the change of patients’ clothes, the washing of hands in officials and patients, as well as the entire sanitation process.

The director informed that the patients and users of the medical center can be calm because all the necessary measures are being taken, also added that the hospital and emergency rooms are operating normally, with the measures that were being handled according to the institutional guidelines for the emergency national.

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