Alajuela Hospital extreme measures to protect users and Doctors

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The San Rafael de Alajuela hospital took extreme measures to protect its users and officials, the medical management of that hospital reported.

Among the measures taken is that the suspension of the external consultation is maintained, in case the Emergency service continues to operate 24/7 with a network approach for patients requiring hospitalization in medical specialties of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine .

The day hospital continues to be able to provide care to all patients with respiratory symptoms and a suspected epidemiological link. For the management of suspected and confirmed patients by COVID-19 who require hospitalization, Internal Medicine actions are reinforced and the use of spaces for the efficient management of these patients is restructured.

In attention to the institutional guideline of teleworking, it was granted to those positions that meet the conditions to effectively carry out their work. The medical manager of the Fund, doctor Mario Ruiz Cubillo, recalled that the attention of this world emergency entails a series of responsibilities from the institutional to the personal and insisted on the call to the population to attend to the preventive measures offered to them. .

On the other hand, the medical manager reported that in other medical centers the instruction to apply the minimum occupancy procedure, which the institution has established for these cases, has been applied. Similarly, several centers have begun to define specific areas for the differentiated care of respiratory patients in hospital centers and the 104 health areas.

Similarly, Dr. Ruiz again asked the population to support the health system in its efforts: “staying home and adopting hygiene measures are decisions that people must take seriously. Social distancing and avoiding direct contact should not be optional, but rules that we apply while this pandemic lasts. ”

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