Air borders return to normal on November 1.

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Within the framework of the necessary economic reactivation, as of November 1, Costa Rica will open its air border to all countries as long as visitors comply with the pre-pandemic immigration requirements and in the current health situation.

To date, entry by air has been authorized to countries that historically generate 90% of the visitation through that port of entry.

“This announcement is made with a view to the high season that begins at the end of November and will allow to increase the generation of foreign exchange and jobs. Each tourist who visits the country activates a series of productive chains such as agriculture, fishing, commerce, transportation, tourist guides, hotels, restaurants, operators and artisans ”, explained Gustavo J. Segura, Rector Minister of Tourism, in a press conference from Casa Presidential.

Only the opening to all US states as of November 1, represents for the country the possibility of recovering at least 80 thousand jobs and generating US $ 1,500 million in foreign currency by 2021, that is, 2.5 points of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to data from the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy (MIDEPLAN), calculated based on the Input-Output Matrix.

The Minister reiterated his call to companies in the tourism sector to continue to adopt prevention protocols in a very comprehensive way, and to national and international tourists to do tourism responsibly, following all contagion precautions.

“The tourist industry is the backbone of the economic reactivation process so that the country gradually recovers from the crisis that has caused the pandemic. This opening of the air border has been successful thanks to the joint work of the Ministry of Health, Civil Aviation, international airports, Migration and Immigration, the airlines and the ICT ”, added the Minister of Tourism.

Requirements to enter the country for COVID-19

In addition to the entry requirements historically established by Migration and Foreigners for the different groups of countries, visitors must meet the following requirements in the framework of the pandemic:

  1. Complete the digital form called HEALTH PASS and available at
  2. Perform the RT-PCR test and obtain a negative result; the sample for the test must be taken a maximum of 72 hours before the flight to Costa Rica.
  3. Mandatory travel insurance that covers accommodation in case of quarantine and medical expenses due to COVID-19 illness. Said insurance can be international or purchased from Costa Rican insurers.

As of November 1, 2020, it will not be necessary for Americans to present a driver’s license or state ID as proof of residency, as all US states are enabled.

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