Agro Sector of Cartago invests 4,500 million colones.

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More than 2,300 people dedicated to agricultural production from different communities of Cartago will benefit from a series of projects promoted by the Agricultural Sector to improve competitiveness, whose investment exceeds ₡ 4,500 million, reported the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Renato Alvarado.

The hierarch explained that the projects include, among others, infrastructure for irrigation, adaptation to climate change, attention to impacts due to climatic emergencies, improvements in competitiveness and strengthening of processes for designation of origin.

“Cartago is the province where 85% of the vegetables that we Costa Ricans consume are grown. It is the second largest milk producing region, stands out in the cultivation of coffee, sugar cane and of course Turrialba cheese ”, commented the hierarch of the agricultural sector.

He specified that the resources come from the National Emergency Commission (CNE), the Rural Development Institute (INDER) and the National Groundwater, Irrigation and Drainage Service (SENARA), the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), the Institute National Innovation and Transfer in Agricultural Technology (INTA) and the National Animal Health Service (SENASA). The institutions also provide technical support to ensure the success of the initiatives.

In Cartago, irrigation projects are developed in order to provide water to the farms of producers in the province.

The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, highlighted the work of the different institutions that, in conjunction with the agro-productive sector, have been working with the aim of supporting and strengthening the producer families of the province, which, “in the emergency current due to the pandemic have been fundamental in generating employment and bringing food to the table of the population ”.

“We reaffirm our commitment as the government of the Republic to continue providing the best conditions for our farmers and ranchers to continue working hand in hand with innovation and technology, while inspiring new generations to continue with the inheritance of their families “Added the president.

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