[:en]This country was born a the bases of agriculture. For decades the economy of Costa Rica lay on agriculture of two main products. Banana and Coffee, and still to date those two products are one of our proudest exports. However today Costa Rica is specialize in technology and precision industry. Such as microchips, precision mechanics and medical implements. A significant change nevertheless.

However we can not forget the men and women who rose this country from a small almost nameless province in the new world. To one of the most vibrant and highly specialize economies in Latin America. Those strong and tireless brave people who sow the fields and grow the crops. Those who among this beautiful and wild land created a country in harmony with nature.

To all of you agriculturalist humble people, dedicated people. Who love the land, who care for the soil, who procured our food. We salute you. We find ourselves in deep debt with you. Your profession is one of the most noble of all and may be the most important of all. Over your tired shoulders is not only the weight of your early mornings, the rain and the sun. But the well been of an entire  country.

Over your dreams and hopes, because of your hard work day after day, year after year. A generation of professionals arose to sow the seeds of your work. While you kept sowing the fields. A new generation of “city professionals” was born. We sometimes forget about you. And get lost complaining of how hard our life and schedules are. But we are missing the memory of you people who work the land.

Vegetables lay in the street for La Pasada de la Virgen de los Ángeles in Cartago.

To all the agriculturalist of the past and present. Our deepest gratitude. We pledge not to forget about you. To improve your conditions of living so often set aside to improve the life in the city. We in Paradise Products ask for you help to teach us how to reaming humble, how to love the land, and how to sow the results of our work keeping the land fertile for the future.


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