After the failure of the reform proposed by Alvarado, the executive branch cries out to the universities for help.

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The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, held on Wednesday a meeting with the rectors of state universities, in what became the fourth preparatory multisectoral meeting for the national dialogue on the social and financial situation facing the country.

The meeting -which lasted for 90 minutes- took place this Wednesday in the Government Council room of the Presidential House with the presence of President Alvarado, the ministers of the Presidency, Marcelo Prieto; from the Treasury, Elian Villegas; and National Planning and Economic Policy, Pilar Garrido.

On behalf of the universities were the rectors of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Luis Paulino Méndez -president of the National Council of Rectors-, of the University of Costa Rica Costa Rica, Carlos Araya; from the State Distance University, Rodrigo Arias; from the National University, Francisco González; and from the National Technical University, Emmanuel González. In addition, the Director of Higher Education Planning, Eduardo Sibaja.

After recognizing that the contribution of the universities is key to getting ahead of the situation as a country, President Alvarado proposed to the rectors the support to build a proposal that allows reaching a balanced economic solution from the academy.

Likewise, he advocated for immediate contributions to address and solve specific issues, referring in particular to the Digital Literacy Project – an initiative of Congresswoman Yorleny León, which is promoted by the government – and the continuation of scientific research carried out by universities in coordination with the Costa Rican Social Security Fund in the fight against COVID-19.

In this context, Alvarado asked the Minister of the Presidency, Marcelo Prieto, to advance with the literacy project in the Legislative Assembly, and to continue with the support for the streamlining of processes in advance of tests to combat COVID-19, in which universities have played a leading role.

For his part, Minister Prieto requested the help of academics in order to address the situation in the country by contributing their knowledge. “University participation is essential in this process,” he exclaimed.

Luis Paulino Méndez, president of CONARE and rector of the TEC, declared that “as universities we understand the seriousness of the situation and we put at the disposal of the government of the Republic all our capacities to be able to cooperate in this stage of proposals and to specify solutions in particular that of the crisis in which we are ”.

The rectors agreed in expressing their absolute willingness to support the government within the framework of the institutional framework and the defense of the social state of law and in the urgency that the dialogue that is coming is short and effective, with concrete actions to be able to reach tranquility and calm the uncertainty in the population.

This Tuesday, the President of the Republic held a series of preparatory meetings for the national dialogue. The first was carried out with a group of representatives of various women’s groups, then with representatives of the National Council of Cooperatives and finally with the presidents of the Supreme Powers.

In the meetings it was clear the need for the dialogue space to seek coincidences between the proposals of the different sectors to reach points of consensus that allow financial sustainability with fiscal balance and social justice.

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