After rejection of the loan with the IDB, the Presidency withdraws all bills from the assembly except Public Employment and the loan for $ 250 million

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This afternoon the Executive Power withdrew from the extraordinary sessions of the Legislative Assembly, all bills with the exception of file 21336 Public Employment Framework Law and file 22131 Approval of the Loan Contract No. 5054 / OCCR between the Republic of Costa Rica and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to finance the emergency program for macroeconomic sustainability.

The withdrawal follows the rejection of the motion to advance the approval of the $ 250 million loan with the IDB, which is a fundamental priority to defend the macroeconomic stability of the country.

For this reason, the Executive maintains the two aforementioned projects, since they become relevant in the context of the pandemic that is being experienced worldwide and nationally, since both are a source of savings and would help improve the country’s public finances.

For its part, the Loan with the IDB grants better interest rates, allowing a total savings of $ 91 million in 7 years, which is equivalent to the sum of 54,000 million colones.

And finally, the Public Employment bill, which is necessary to create savings for the State by moving from a compound salary scheme to a global salary for new civil servants, which would reduce the wage inequalities that exist today. .

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