Afro Women on Stage Festival 2020. 3 days and 10 works on the billboard online.

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What are the stories of Afro-descendant women? How does the social imaginary of Afro-descendants impact the inclusion of black women in the performing arts? How to create inclusion in cultural management? What defines the narratives about Afro-descendant women in Latin American dramaturgy?

These are some of the questions that will move the debate of the Virtual Meeting Afro Women on Stage 2020 to take place from December 10 to 13.

With an artistic program of ten scenic and cinematographic works and a series of conversations, dialogues and networking, possible responses will be explored to the challenges faced by Afro-Latino women dedicated to performing and audiovisual work in the region.

Likewise, the creation of a digital networking space will be promoted, in order to unite great women storytellers from the region and promote the creation of alliances, connections and joint projects.

The meeting seeks to make visible the scenic work of Afro-descendant women and conquer new spaces for their creative work from a group of institutions and organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“This is a space that was created to honor the work of fellow artists, as well as to rescue the stories of Afro-descendants through exquisite programming and meeting spaces to reach common conclusions,” said Alicia Olivares, director of The initiative.

“Through the alliance between Ébano Teatro, Fábrica de Historias and Nosotras Women Connecting, a series of free activities have been organized to recognize the great contribution of Afro women in the stories of Latin America and the Caribbean, but above all to provide solutions that seek to respond to the challenges of inclusion and cultural diversity, ”said Vice President Epsy Campbell.

“Positioning the agenda of Afro women in more creative and artistic industries is necessary, the relevance of spaces like this is transcendental to write the future of the world, a future even, diverse and without discrimination,” he added.

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