Affichage des incréments de Covid par canton et nationalité au cours du mois de juin. Trouvez votre canton

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The following are tables that visually demonstrate the increases in Cases per Canton to help better understand the behavior of the virus in each canton. The table is updated every 24 hours and is one day late. For better viewing we recommend viewing this entry on a tablet or computer.

To search for your canton click Ctrl + F and type the name of your canton.

Graph 1. Cases by Province and District from June 1 to current day.

How to read the Graph? Next to each canton in Blue is the number of positive Cases of Covid19 that the canton had on June 01, 2020 in Red and to the right the number of positive Cases to date (+ -24h). If you want to know how many cases there have been, subtract the red number from the Blue Number.

Graph 2. Percentage increases by province and canton.

How to interpret the graph? The percentage increases assume June 1st where the line begins as 0 Units or starting point and the end of the Line or today (+ -24 hours) as the increase. It is important to understand that if a canton had 0 cases on June 1 and 4 on June 30, it will have had an increase of 400% although it has had very few cases. However, this interpretation is very useful in exponential growth because it reflects how active transmission has been in each canton.

Graph 3. Growth of cases according to Nationality since June 01

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