Melcochas CR began as a university project. Don Sergio began digging the history of an old and very dearly remember brand of molasses. His research conducted him to meet 2 women how held the recipe of that long gone brand.  He decided then to ask the ladies to produce the molasses with him as patreon.

Soon the new Melcochas got the praise of all those who once tasted the old mythical ones. We now have the honor of share that taste, with the rest of the world.

Melcochas are made from Tapa de Dulce or Panela. That is to say a block of processed sugar cane. The sugar cane used in our molasses is completely organic and free of dangerous chemicals and pesticides.

Note* The production is not industrialize but We can assume wholesaler numbers for consumption given enough time, so if you would like to order more than 100 molasses please go to the Wholesaler section.