Abangares miners will be able to export gold from November

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As part of the actions proposed to provide a comprehensive solution to the situation of the coligalleros of Abangares, work is being done so that in the month of November the first gold export by the Cantonal Union of Abangares Development Associations (UNCADA ).

This was explained by the national director of the National Directorate for Community Development (DINADECO), Franklin Corella, who explained that since the signing of the agreements, intensive work has been done on strategic support for the commercialization and export of gold in Abangares.

“We have held three meetings with the participation of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the MINAE, the Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER), the Ministry of Foreign Trade (COMEX), and the National Bank of Costa Rica (BNCR ), where a roadmap has been built to promote the first export of the metal in the coming weeks, “explained Corella.

He added that to date “with the National Bank it has been possible to facilitate the opening of accounts and the entire financial structure of logistics and support for the payment of the sale of gold. Likewise, it articulates with the Ministry of Finance to advance in the tax exemption procedures and proper procedures necessary so that the gold can leave ”.

For his part, the Vice Ministry of Social Economy of the MTSS, Luis Aguilar commented that since September 16 the technical working sessions with UNCADA began to advance in the mechanisms and procedures necessary to access the 120 million of PRONAMYPE, which they will allow the organization to purchase gold from miners in poverty, and to market it from this Union. “Currently the aid for 67 people in vulnerable situations is estimated and the possibility of increasing the number of people is being studied,” he explained.

“This Friday we have continued with the design of the proposal for the execution of the funds, which is already 50% complete. We hope that in a few days it will be finalized and approved,” said Aguilar, who explained that it is estimated that the execution is available in the month of November.

Additionally, DINADECO will promote and support the procedures that UNCADA will carry out before the National Council for Community Development, the entity that grants resources to development associations, so that next year the sum of ₡ 130 million will be approved for the creation of a value-added center in the canton of Abangares.

“We are very satisfied with the process that is being carried out, it is of the utmost importance for the Government of the Republic to solve in a comprehensive manner the problems faced by the coligalleros in the area”, concluded the Vice Minister for Political Affairs and Citizen Dialogue, Randall Otárola Madrigal , who reiterated his gratitude to UNCADA, the Municipal Mining Commission and the cooperative leadership, for building an appropriate climate of dialogue to reach agreements and thus benefit the organization of the coligallera activity and the better well-being of the Abangan population.

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