A Fairy Tale Land

[:en]Part 1.

Let me tell you a story of a Fairy-tale land. Where green is the king, every single living thing sings a loud symphony of life and pure air. Where every single person you will encounter will welcome you with a smile as big and as honest and you can imagine, and where playing and laughing is the way to live. Let me tell you one of the meanings of Pura Vida.

For second consecutive year I have been lucky enough to spend a whole week in Barrio Los Angeles in Nandayure (the place where our jewellery is made). Barrio Los Angeles it’s a remote location, and a rural area (as rural as you can get.). If you take RYOZUMO busses the only ones who offer the service from San Jose to Nandayure it will take you around four and a half hours to get to the centre of Nandayure. There are 3 different schedules for the busses, but if you want to get to Barrio Los Angeles via public transportation you’ll have to take the bus that parts at 7:15 am from the terminal in San José, so you will be arriving at Nandayure around 12:30 am. Once there you’ll have to wait till 1:00 o’clock when a small colourful but powerful bus will appear.


From the centre of Nandayure to Barrio Los Angeles there is still 1 hour perhaps a little bit more depending on the condition of the road (it is fair to say that also depending on the condition of the road there might be no colourful bus at all). Don’t worry if you think that might be too much I promise you the road will compensate you with breath-taking views of mountains and the ocean and both mountains and the ocean at the same time.

After all of that, you will be arriving to your destination. A unique small town home of less than 200 people. Whom every year since 1987 spend a whole week engaging in a fantastic tradition called Semana Recreativa y Deportiva Los Angeles y San Josecito. Which is a true test of stamina, physical condition, team work and imagination.

From the first Sunday of the month of July and until the next Saturday eight teams divided by colours challenge each other on a variety of disciplines. Ranging from, pulling the rope, stilts runs, basketball, football, volleyball, variety show, tortilla making among many others. The town itself has been organizing this tradition for the past 29 years, mostly without any external help. The goal is not only to celebrate and engage its members in to sports, but also to collect money for common goals to be spend in the town. While there is a committee lots of the planning, and execution of the activities lays on the hands of the high school students, especially those on their 9th of 10th grade, the ones who have to their social service as part as the graduation requirements.









From Monday to Friday the activities began at 1:00 pm. Saturday is a different story activities began at 8:00 in the morning. Trust me it is hard to even wake up on Tuesday now imagine go to a 5km recreational race at 8:00 in a Saturday morning in the steepest hills you can imagine after a week of exhausting games and after going to sleep sometimes at 1:00am. That my friend requires dedication and a brave spirit.

Look at the gallery for some photos of the week.

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